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The Haymarket Tours are here!

I am offering free tours of the sites in my book on the Haymarket Affair! I’d like all participants in a tour to send me their comments and critiques of the experience right here on the website.

A little background

The first civilian bombing in an American city occurred right here in Chicago, in the West Loop, on the night of May 4, 1886. At the time of the first nationwide strike for the 8-hour day, a protest meeting was called to protest police brutality against rioting workers on the previous afternoon at the McCormick Reaper Works at Wood Street and Blue Island Road.
At the end of the protest meeting, a bomb was thrown in the midst of police officers, killing seven of them as well as a few civilians and injuring dozens more. The ensuing trial of the some of the leadership of the movement, the execution of four of eight of the convicted and the aftermath is known as the Haymarket Affair.

The tour entails the area of the bombing, the trial and execution in addition to sites of the bomb-making, the labor newspaper offices and a smattering of other interesting details.

The main body of the tour lasts around 60-90 minutes (West Loop, Loop, & the Hubbard/Dearborn area of downtown;
the full tour will be a good two-three hours and include Old Town at North Ave. and Sedgwick).

Travel by CTA (a Day Pass would be needed) or vehicle is recommended, but the shorter tours are certainly do-able on foot.

Steve Bellinger, author of The Chronocar, (Barking Rain Press), 2014 and I have begun a presentation of both of our books in relation to historical research, story-telling and fact-presenting. It’s entitled “History In Fiction and Non-Fiction: Books For the Post-Truth Age.”
We look at historical research in both fields in order to tell a fuller, more objective story of past events for the betterment of life today – sort of “History Nerd meets Sci-Fi Geek” to plead for Reason and Objectivity, instead of playing the Blame Game when dealing with contemporary issues and problems.
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